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"The east coast duo of Late Nite Cable left the normalcy of day jobs and have since set out on a musical journey. One that today starts off in “Berlin.” This tune has a great vocal presence from their male lead and the feel is light and makes you want to not only move, but also listen up. The lyrics contain a lot of depth. With “What Are You Waiting For” they take command and you just feel life when it starts, and you do the same with “Hold You Back.” What you really will fall in love with when it comes to this duo is that they have a modern feel while paying homage to a sort of New Wave scene out of the 80’s. You could imagine their songs being played as part of the backdrop to “Jem and the Holograms,” the cartoon – not the bomb of a movie. If that sounds tubular to you, check out all Late Nite Cable has to offer and make sure to check and see where they’re playing next near you!"-
"Let’s be honest, a lot of synth-pop comes blazing through the internet but few rarely catch our attention. Well, NYC-Based band Late Nite Cable takes things to a different level with their 80s Depeche Mode-vibe and their own unique blend of EDM and rock on “All Nite Girl”. We caught the video this week and we have to say we’re impressed with the story and visuals."- AudioFuzz
"New York based synth pop band Late Nite Cable released a video for their single “All Nite Girl.” The track, included in the band’s debut EP, brings back the well-loved electronic pop sound of the 1980’s and combines it with catchy melodies and modern dance beats. The video, directed by Mitchell Hooper, tells the story of an encounter between a beautiful mysterious girl and the singer of the band at a roof top party."- Too Much Love Magazine
"Late Nite Cable makes me think of 80’s underground electro pop with neon lights and scantily clad women dancing in the club scene with a ‘Patrick Nagel’ style of make up. Late Nite Cable’s infectious sounds are distinct and are an enjoyable listen, especially with the track, Berlin. It’s catchy and danceable, it’ll definitely make your train ride to work more pleasant. You’ll probably want to hit the dance floor during the weekend as well. Late Nite Cable could be the awesome stepchild of Human League and Laura Branigan. I would love to see this band live and will be doing so at their next show at Mercury Lounge on 2-11 at 10pm!"- Pancakes and Whiskey
"Music & Other Drugs has the perfect music to start your week off right. Brooklyn and Connecticut based synthpop duo, Late Nite Cable released their self-titled EP and it is pure perfection. Late Nite Cable is six tracks packed with anthemic sounds and dreamy vibes that will take you to another place. The duo is comprised of Pete Roessler and Severine Casati. The EP is their debut effort, but we are sure this is only the beginning for Late Nite Cable. Check out their self-titled EP below."- Music and Other Drugs
"Brooklyn-based synth-pop duo, Late Nite Cable, announce the release of their new single, “Hold You Back,” from their upcoming debut EP. Late Nite Cable is comprised of Pete Roessler and Severine Casati. Roessler, a Connecticut native and Berklee College of Music graduate, sings and plays piano, synthesizer, guitar and bass in the group. Casati, who was born in New Jersey and raised in France, studied classical music and jazz for 12 years at a music conservatory and now serves as co-vocalist for the group. The band’s forthcoming EP was co-produced by former Cutting Room chief engineer, Anthony “Rocky” Gallo, whose credentials include Yeasayer, John Legend and Cat Power."- Nerdy Frames
"When was the last time you were out at the bar or the club or a party, and you met somebody so perfect and clicked with them so intensely that it wasn't until the next morning that you realized you'd never asked how you could get back in touch with them? It sucks. It's not a huge problem in the social media age, but sometimes you're so caught up in the moment (and possibly intoxicated; let's be honest) that you forget about the logical steps. And in their gorgeous video for "All Nite Girl," Brooklyn alt-poppers Late Nite Cable craft a fantastical spin on that youthful tale. We're stoked to have the official premiere of the video for "All Nite Girl." The video itself is a kaleidoscopic, swirling array of images, focusing on the half-remembered evening before and the quest to find the lost romance the next day. But it's the track itself that will keep you coming back for more with its mix of M83 synth pop and honest to god soul. Check the track out below so you can say you knew Late Nite Cable before their inevitable rise."- Baeble Music
"Late Nite Cable are a relatively young synthpop duo, with their self-titled debut EP out now, but Peter Roessler and Severine Casati have both been passionate about music for years. It was their love of music and their desire to pursue a new project that drew them together, too. With their EP out now and a music video for their track, "Late Nite Girl" coming soon, Late Nite Cable are a duo to keep an eye on."- The Prelude Press
"We’re staying local and upbeat for this week’s New Music Monday. Williamsburg-based Pete Roessler and Severine Casati make up Late Nite Cable, the voice of jaded generation who may piss and moan but still know how to love and live as their 20’s creep into 30’s. “All Nite Girl” sounds like a late night walk home down Kent when the streets are clear and you’ve had a night so ridiculous and wonderful that you realize maybe everything’s not shit"- Audio Femme
"Promising synth pop duo launches potential hit. The names Pete Roessler and Severine Casati may not ring a bell yet, but this is about to change. They form the synth pop duo Late Night Cable, based in Brooklyn and they are ready for the next step in their career with the release of the single ‘Hold You Back’. Both deliver vocals and they play piano, bass and synths as well. For their live shows they are joined by a drummer and a bassist. The band is currently preparing the release of an EP. No word yet on when it will come out exactly, but let’s hope it’s rather sooner than later as ‘Hold You Back’ sounds promising to say the least! Late Nite Cable’s sound is synth pop in its purest form. There are hints of 80s, we hear some influences by bands like the Pet Shop Boys and most of all were are blown away by the sharpness of the hooks. The ‘Hold You Back’ chorus is so infectious. The melody is big and the soaring vocals and synths put extra emphasis on the catchiness of it all. The production is light and radio friendly. If we all spread the word about this track we might even hear it on radio ourselves one day soon. Let me start this by making ‘Hold You Back’ Song of the Day at A Bit of Pop Music!"- A Bit of Pop Music
"The description synth pop for some reason always makes me cringe slightly in anticipation of some talentless noise and thumping electro beat so you can imagine my pleasant surprise when I realised that ‘Late Nite Cable’ actually don’t sound anything like that.

Instead my first reaction on hearing the first notes of ‘What Are You Waiting For’ was a nostalgic feeling as I likened it to a tune from a film from the nineties. In fact the self titled EP has that kind of vibe right the way through and invokes a feeling of peacefulness. Whilst there is no track which particularly stands out over the others it has an easy listening quality and with both vocalists alternating the lead there is enough variation to hold your interest.

Peter Cable Roessler has displayed a talent for music from a very early age picking up his first instrument at just 4 years old and over the years has developed upon this. There is little this guy cannot play! Peter’s partner in crime Severine Casati provides both lead and support vocals across the EP and has a naturally soft, soothing voice. ‘Remain In Silence’ is testament to this fact as the music itself is very upbeat and Severine brings a cheerfully cordial sentiment to it.

Debut track ‘Take Me Away’ has a festival mood whereas ‘All Night Girl’ takes you back to a nightclub setting, but overall, this music could take you wherever you want to go."- Essentially Pop
"A new track from the duo, 'Hideaway' is upbeat synthpop and full of soaring melodies to start off the week with."- Onyx Music Channel
"Late Nite Cable, aka Pete Roessler and Severine Casati, are premiering their brand new song, “Hold You Back,” exclusively with us today.

The track defines their genre, synth-pop, with an infectious beat and their soulful vocals, all of which blend beautifully.
Both artists live and breathe music, Roessler being a Berklee College of Music graduate and Casati having studied at a music conservatory for more than a decade.

The duo are expected to release an EP later this year, so be on the lookout!"- Popwrapped
"Brooklyn-based duo Late Nite Cable are set to release their self-titled EP on October 23rd. Today we’re excited to premiere the beautiful “Hideaway.” The track floats, glides, and swells will the skill of seasoned musicians. Elegant dual vocals from Pete Roessler and Severine Casati provide a certain depth and richness to the track."- GroundSounds
"Background - Late Nite Cable are new to the scene, but have been gaining some major grassroots traction in the blogosphere. There most recent single "All Nite Girl" was recently featured in Impose's Week In Pop as well as in Deli Mag.
Pete Roessler and Severine Casati are current Williamsburg NY natives with the prototypical millennial angst that comes in your 20s and 30s. The subject matter of their "nightlife Passion Pit" sound includes quitting that stuffy corporate job, getting out and coming home, and the vague romanticism of flings.
Well we are a little late to the party with this song, however it's a good introduction to Late Night Cable as their self-titled debut EP is scheduled for release in early October. It's a collection of high quality synth pop songs and the production is light enough, for both vocals and music to complement each other, rather than one dominate and suppress the other. If you like the single the EP is a must."- Beehive Candy
"Always a pleasure finding newer groups, especially the ones with a clear passion for their music, which is definitely felt in this late night, wind-in-your-hair, yet poolside summer tune from Late Nite Cable."- Onyx Music Channel
"Check out the late night/early morning odes to maidens that rule the evening time on Late Night Cable’s big time pop jam “All Nite Girl” from the duo’s upcoming debut EP produced by Anthony “Rocky” Gallo available in September. The sound of neon lit memories and memories yet to be made become lit up with the big power ballad styles that just go for the big dramatized delivery and closing."- Impose Magazine
"Brooklyn-based synth-pop duo, Late Nite Cable , have just released their new single, ‘All Nite Girl’. It’s a melodic track about meeting someone during a night out that you end up having a real connection with, but knowing that you’ll probably never see them again."- Indietronica
"Peter Cable Roessler and Severine Casati promised each other as young that when one formed a band, the other would be the first called. So it is with Late Nite Cable, a sparkling electro-pop song that is almost perfect (ok, it’s pretty damned perfect). I love the way the song starts slowly and then builds up to a beautiful ending, just like that meeting with that “All Nite Girl” or guy. This is a band that is already making waves in New York, with very good reasons. Expect to hear more from them in the future."- Audio Fuzz
"The chorus in this song is the electro-pop equivalent of the sun coming out from behind clouds after two days of rain."- Independent Clauses
"Bright, sparkling, sythn-pop track from Brooklyn-based duo Late Nite Cable. ‘Take Me Away’ is the duo’s debut single. Co-produced by Anthony “Rocky” Gallo who in the past has worked with Yeasayer, John Legend and Cat Power. ‘Take Me Away’ is taken from the duo’s upcoming self-titled debut EP, which is due for release September."- I Love Pie
"There is nothing quite like the sound of a good synthpop track and “Hideaway” by LATE NITE CABLE (Séverine Casate and Pete Roessler) is just that. Listening to “Hideaway” takes me back in time to a place where the eighties new wave type of sound dominated my airwaves. Transporting me into my own thoughts with methodical rhythms and feel good melodies that actually made me go someplace instinctively. Through a sensational dual vocal performance by the seasoned sounding duo, “Hideaway” pulls me towards thinking outside of the box and living life in a way that means something to me. No matter how hard or how scary that might be. Life is a journey full of choices but the fact remains that time waits for no one. As the lyrics reassure, I have the power and the control to do whatever I want to do. Why not choose a space that makes me feel the happiest! LATE NITE CABLE has the potential to make some waves soon with a new EP that is on the cusp of having mainstream appeal and is my TMH! Spotlight choice for October! Enjoy!"- Through My Headphones
"Guys, please release that EP you keep promising. The new single by Late Nite Cable is the best synth-pop song I’ve heard since Cocteau Twins and Portishead were together. The musicians: Pete Roessler –songwriter/vocals/guitar/synth/keys/production; Severine Casati – vocals/songwriter/keys, combine to make a sound that is so amazing ethereal. I’m serious; Late Nite Cable has released two singles. We need to get that EP out so I can play it at my synth-pop parties (yes, I have parties, sometimes, at least in my head). I just love Late Nite Cable. What a great band."- Audio Fuzz